Year One Down


It was one year ago today that we received my formal cancer diagnosis.  I couldn’t have scripted a more interesting cancer journey full of so many ups and downs.  I have been so busy these last two weeks engrossed in the most amazing “normalcy” that I have ever experienced.  I am so grateful that I was here to spend Halloween with the girls.  Last year I went into the ER to check out the pain in my abdomen thinking that it would be a quick fix, but got stuck in the hospital on Halloween and missed out on the planned evening of fun.  I don’t know how better to say it, except that it sucked… big time.

This year however, was great.  Actually, it was better than great.  Trinity had a “trunk or treat” event at her dance studio over the weekend which was way fun.  Kaitlyn and I have been obsessed with the Netflix show “Stranger Things” so we went with that theme.  We were quite proud of the handiwork we threw together just hours before the event.


I have one more week before my next appointment at Stanford to do a CT scan and see what’s going on..  Not only have I incorporated the bitter leaves from Nigeria and the Moringa seeds, but I have just about overhauled my diet eliminating all processed sugar, daily coffee, dairy, alcohol, meat (except the occasional fish), and most grains. I am eating only organic green smoothies, vegetables and low glycemic fruits, beans, salads, essiac tea, all kinds of supplements I can hardly keep track of all of them.  And my latest discovery … the coffee enema!  YUP.  I’ll save the details for the book, but apparently it is the best way to detox your liver.

Yikes… right?

I have been doing this since I returned home two and a half weeks ago and I definitely went through a period of self-pity shortly after my week of being depressed after the bad news from the PET scan.  But I honestly feel great and my energy levels are good. I am able to be home and run my house and kids pretty much like before for which I value so much more than the things that I have given up.

I have finally taken my nutrition and the toxicity in my body really seriously.  I used to coach people through nutritional cleansing which was great and I felt like I was definitely healthier than the majority of people, but I still had toxic cleaners, soaps, lotions, candles, etc. in my house and I still ate out and occasionally enjoyed things that weren’t good for me. I didn’t rest (almost ever) and I think my body was just tapped out.  My immune system was so overloaded and the result was CANCER. It wasn’t just random bad luck.  My lifestyle and exposure to toxins definitely had something to do with it.  I say that not to beat myself up, but more so to feel empowered. If my lifestyle had something to do with it, then maybe (hopefully) I have some control over what happens now.  Relying on western medicine hasn’t been enough.

I watched these videos from a guy named Chris Wark.  (www.chrisbeatcancer.com) and bought his program on how to heal yourself through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  He is extremely knowledgeable and extreme in his methods, but right now I need extreme.  I am so tired of chemo, medications, hospitals, and mostly just being away from my family.  I am willing to do whatever it takes.  Not only have I changed things nutritionally, but also changed out the household products to non-toxic laundry detergents, soaps, lotions, sanitizers, cleaners, etc.   I feel like a science fair project to see if this has any impact on the cancer.

Recently, I have had a few people (Auntie Carol and Uncle Richard, and my old Frito-Lay friend Delfina) reach out to me and offer so much encouraging advice as well as sending me books and supplements. I appreciate it so much. Today my dear friend Shelley asked if I was just starving all the time, and honestly the answer is no.  I think my body is getting what it needs and doesn’t crave anything anymore and honestly my digestive system feels happy too.  Doing a radical change is certainly not for everyone, but I think it would be good for anyone to try for even 3 weeks, you’ll see an amazing result in how you feel.  I’ve lost 6 pounds too which is a nice bonus.

Thank you to everyone who is following my story, texting, snapchatting, calling  and praying for me. All those good vibes make it all the way to my core and are helping me in unimaginable ways.

My prayer is that next week my disease is just stable or better, that’s all.  I could honestly just live with it for the rest of my life if I had to.   Today I feel fine and if there weren’t scans telling me that I had a tumor, I would never even know that I was sick.  I am grateful that I can say that.

On a lighter note,  I will share a funny story from the morning of Halloween.  It’s memories like these that are priceless and make me so grateful for the time that I have at home.

Addison, who is nine, wakes up on Halloween morning and says, “Mom, I can’t find my orange Halloween shirt that has the candy corn on it in the shape of a heart.”

Me: “Well, uh, do you have any orange shirts?”

All the while I am wracking my brain trying to think of any orange shirts in our house period. I realized that the shirt she was referring to I cleared out months ago and gave it to her best friend Ava (who meets her at the bus stop every morning).

Addison: “No”

Me: “Well, sorry honey.”

MOM FAIL.  I was counting the many times I walked by Halloween shirts over the last two weeks.

I was testing the waters here. Do I offer to rush her to the store to buy a special shirt for the day or will she just blow it off and be okay with it?  The look of disappointment on her face when I said that was all I needed to see.

Me: “Okay, well we can drop off Trinity at the bus stop and go by Fry’s to get you one.”

Addison: “OK”

So we dropped Trinity off at the bus stop, and of course there was Ava looking cute as ever… in the orange shirt with the candy corn on it … LOL.  We ran to the store and saw one rack of adult Halloween shirts that said “Eat, Drink and be Scary”(um, not appropriate).  As we scoured the entire Halloween section to find not one kids Halloween shirt, I was getting desperate.  I silently prayed, “dear Jesus… PLEASE let there be at least one shirt for Addy.”  We walked toward the front of the store and I went by the back side of the rack with the first shirts we saw and lo and behold there it was.  A cute black shirt that said “Pumpkin Spice Everything”… it was perfect.  And they had a Small!  😊

We got the shirts AND picked up donuts for her friends and teachers to bring to school (I know I know, after all that talk about nutrition too… please don’t judge).  We were able to turn a tragedy into a triumph and I earned some “Awesome Mom” points all within the span of an hour.  Whew!



Addy Halloween 2017

See, God does answer prayers. No matter how small.

On that note, I thank you all for continued thoughts and prayers. I know God just hasn’t answered our prayers YET, but I am confident that He will.

“Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.”  Romans 10:11

Onward and Upward.



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  1. There is so much to celebrate in this post! Yay!

    If you are looking at alternative treatments, I’ll throw one into the ring: the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono. It isn’t a religious but a process of reconciliation and forgiveness (of yourself, your body, and others). https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/focus-forgiveness/201105/the-hawaiian-secret-forgiveness is one link. It’s a big thing in the Pacific. There are lots of ways to approach the work — Darrin took a workshop a few years ago and there were a lot of (anecdotal) stories that were pretty amazing. Call him if you’d like to learn more. I integrate it with some Buddhist practices I learned from my mom. And if you are cleaning up your body, look at the Thorne Mediclear detox protocol — almost every naturopath I know recommends it, but it’s pricey (and it tastes like chalk). It might help clear out any leftover toxins, strengthen your liver, and from there you can go with whatever diet you want.

    Okay, enough prescriptive, unsolicited advice! We love you and we are so grateful you feel strong and healthy!

  2. I wanted to mention this supplement as well — we take it here as Bio-Astin since it’s Hawaii-sourced and you can get it on Amazon (https://smile.amazon.com/BioAstin-Hawaiian-Astaxanthin-Naturally-Super-Antioxidant/dp/B006X1DCVO/) — ASTAXANTHIN has been linked to cancer prevention among a zillion other things (we use it for joint and immune system stuff). Dr. Sears (from all those baby books!) is a huge fan. After years of having seen it in the stores we didn’t try it until we realized Dr. Sears had endorsed it. We have small anecdotal stories about this supplement, too.

    More info here: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-1063-astaxanthin.aspx?activeingredientid=1063&activeingredientname=astaxanthin

  3. So so happy about this post!!! As I’ve said before, Normal is underrated!!!!! Yay for normal! Please share your detergents, lotions and soaps with us – I’d love to learn more. Much love to you and many many prayers for you! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. Kay you continue to have our prayers and hugs! Thank you for keeping us all in the loop❤️
    Much Love

  5. I love that you are embracing all that is yours! Making memories- living each day with hope, love , commitment and resolve! I am praying for you! God bless you !

  6. Love your stories Kay! It shows God is listening to you, every step of the way! Plus you are one very awesome mama! So glad you are enjoying your time at home!! Much love, Deb 💕

  7. What a cute Halloween story/memory!!! Life is made up of little moments like that to uplift us. Always praying for you, sweet Kay. I would love to hear more about the different non-toxic cleaners, etc., that you are using, too!!! I’ve often thought about how many chemicals we breathe in or soak into our skin, but I’ve never done much research on the subject. Enjoy your normal time at home!! None of us really know how many precious moments we have.

  8. Dear Kay – thank you for the update. You are never far from my mind. I video chatted with Noah and China today and he had your T-shirt on – he is thinking of you and praying for you also. Lots of love to you and yours and thank you for all of your encouragement. It is wonderful to share your positive spirit. God bless you , Lori

  9. Proud of you for taking charge of your full journey — ups and downs. I love how you’re making choices that enhance your present because that is all that you, and me, and the rest of us actually are guaranteed. You’re an inspirer! Love you!

  10. Dear Kay thank you for keeping in touch with your friends. So happy you were able to be home for Halloween. We always enjoyed having our daughter and husband here for trick or treat night. They would bring Ming, their little shiatsu ? Groomed with a Halloween scarf. HE Enjoyed watching all the Halloweeners come to the door. Our daughter, Lori, always went all out when she had children. We went to their home then and handed out treats while they took the babies halloweening. Alyssa was dressed as a pumpkin one year. Those are the memories you and your children will remember someday. Experiences are they things that mean something to children. Good luck next week. Praying the results will show improvement. Remember God does care and we have to let it all go and trust Him and His wisdom to take care of us. Life does have it’s disappointments and ups and down but if we are patient and wait on the Lord things will make sense. There is always a reason for what happens to us and we have no choice but to go with it. I take supplements and they help keep my husband and I healthy. So far so good! God bless you and your wonderful family. Love, Diane

  11. Kay your stories are always a blessing. I can see it now your book the life of Kay. We will continue our prayers 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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