Work in Progress

I cannot believe it’s been over a year since my last post. Did life get so busy that I pushed aside one of the most important things to me?

In a nutshell… YES and NO.

Last year my cancer journey changed significantly. I basically turned the corner and took on a new job (a paying job) which did a few things for me.

1) It made me feel validated as a “career” woman. I took many years off from working to be available as a mother and a wife and of course, most recently it allowed me to focus on healing from cancer (which can definitely feel like a full time job in itself).

2) It stimulated me mentally and intellectually which I think is something moms sometimes feel they lack between the cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, “momming”, etc.

3) It provided some extra income of course which is always nice, but more importantly for me, as the spouse that stays at home full time, there is the element of validation that sometimes you just don’t get from your family.

There were a few things that taking on a job did to me (or rather I let happen).

  1. I started sitting (a lot). Which made me less active and my body and overall wellness declined.
  2. I was stressed (a lot) because I was managing the house, kids, dogs, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and my job. I had some help, but I wasn’t managing things with as much grace as I would have liked… and still don’t feel like I am.
  3. Cleaning veggies, juicing, healing protocols, exercise, eating healthy, and most of the other things I did previously became secondary. I found that my life felt really out of balance.

In September of last year, I had another PET scan that showed that was stable again… Thank GOD. I mean really… THANK GOD. I was worried (of course) I am always worried about the scan showing something, but I was so very grateful that it didn’t and I finally felt like I was in remission. I kept pushing hard, running around like a chicken with my head cut off and in November I got really sick with a crazy rash that was on my face, inside my mouth and throat with sores and all over my body. I never did really get an answer as to what caused it, but the diagnosis was erythema multiforme which is a rash that is triggered most likely as an immune response to an infection. It was severe and it was awful.

The holidays hit and I was staying safe (ordering groceries, wiping everything down, sanitizing mail, and sometimes feeling like I was going overboard.) When Christmas arrived, we were quarantined before traveling to see family in Texas and were able to spend a very well deserved and fun filled time with our families. Myself and the girls all got COVID-19 when we returned, but thankfully we faired pretty well. Whether it be our O blood types or strong immune systems, I am so very thankful that we made it through ok. When I got COVID, I was feeding the following things to myself and to the girls:

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, and Juice Plus, lots of rest, Veggie juice, and organic Chicken Soup (for the kids).
  • I also took aspirin (to prevent blood clots) as well as Ivermectin (a prescription parasite drug that works well at mitigating symptoms sounds strange, but it worked).

February 25, 2021 I had another CT scan… still stable. God really does answer prayers. They did see a small node on my lung which is new, but not necessarily cancer. They wanted to biopsy, but I said no… I don’t want to “poke the bear”. I know what I need to do… so I better get to it.

I know I need more balance in my life and one step toward doing that is to start writing again and having fun. With COVID and my work, last year was just one big blur. I am always a work in progress, learning how to live more and thrive beyond cancer. A huge shout out to my inspiration, Darien Gee, who invited me to an accountability writers group (in Clubhouse, a new social app) very last minute to take 30 minutes to write this. THANK YOU. 🙏

I am happy to be back and I realize that no matter how busy life is, it’s important to prioritize the things that make me happy & healthy. Thanks for reading, and I promise to write again soon!

Onward and Upward!


17 thoughts on “Work in Progress”

  1. Kay, I enjoyed reading your post. You are a tremendous writer.

    You do so much. A normal person could not begin to do all the things you do. I wish you could slow down a bit.

    Love you, Mama B

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  2. We’re so thankful to hear your good report.
    You’re an amazing lady and we will keep praying for you and your journey. Keep up the good work and don’t push yourself too much.
    Love to you and all the family!

  3. Hi Kay ! What a joy to hear from you and your continued walk of God’s wonderful healing. How wonderful to hear life is somewhat back to normalcy. Congratulations on the job, it’s wonderful to be involved in something new. Loved hearing you were able to visit the family in Texas. Sorry to hear you and family came down with COVID-19 but amazing what eating clean and healthy can do for healing properties. You and family are always in my prayers. Blessings, the other Kayluv

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  4. You are such an inspiration, Kay! You know I look forward to more, always. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing next!

    (And I’m off to make my Budwig muesli!)

  5. Congratulations Kay on your continued remission! If you can fit a round of golf into your routine- Just say the word! I am amazed of what you accomplished last year- plus a job! I wish continued health and happiness for you and yours- Bev

  6. I always love reading your posts! So grateful for your continued good health! The way you took it on yourself to heal yourself is inspiring! It reminds us all that we can do so much….for our health! Much love to you Kay!!!

  7. Kay, You are truly an inspiration for so many. I have loved following your journey and praying for you along the way. I believe God is using you in a mighty way to be a help for others. ❣️

  8. I’m very happy and thankful for your recovery. I did reach out via phone to both you and Brandon. I hope you got those messages. You are amazingly strong.

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