Work in Progress

I cannot believe it's been over a year since my last post. Did life get so busy that I pushed aside one of the most important things to me? In a nutshell... YES and NO. Last year my cancer journey changed significantly. I basically turned the corner and took on a new job (a paying… Continue reading Work in Progress

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7 ways to boost your immune system in the midst of a pandemic

Coronavirus, COVID-19, or as my family has been referring to it the “Rona” Not much left except some sad looking avocados For most of us, never in our lifetime have we experienced an outbreak like this. Can anyone guess what section this is??? #spareasquare It’s scary. It’s stressful. People have been hoarding food and supplies… Continue reading 7 ways to boost your immune system in the midst of a pandemic

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Where’s the Beef?

In the midst of stocking up on food, toilet paper, and canned foods, perhaps you might consider buying a few more canned veggies and beans versus meat that you can only fit so much of in your freezer. Please read on... Almost everyone remembers the old Wendy’s commercial from 1984 with the little old ladies… Continue reading Where’s the Beef?


What Supplements Should You Take?

It is easy to get overwhelmed by supplements. Whether walking into an aisle in your grocery store, seeing an ad pop up on Facebook, or hearing a friend talk about the latest supplement they read about, the question always comes up... which ones should I take? Based on my experience, I am a firm believer… Continue reading What Supplements Should You Take?