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Where’s the Beef?

In the midst of stocking up on food, toilet paper, and canned foods, perhaps you might consider buying a few more canned veggies and beans versus meat that you can only fit so much of in your freezer. Please read on... Almost everyone remembers the old Wendy’s commercial from 1984 with the little old ladies… Continue reading Where’s the Beef?

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Following Your Intuition

Following Your Intuition is hard sometimes because if you’re like me, you like things to be black and white. But in the last 2 years, God has put me into a lot of situations where I am learning more about listening to the still small voice within and trust Him.

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Antioxidants…What’s your score?

Last month, I went to the eye doctor for a check-up.  At the appointment, they asked if I would be interested in participating in a clinical study to see how nutrition impacts macular degeneration.  Being the nutrition geek that I am, I said yes! At my first assessment, I didn’t know what to expect other… Continue reading Antioxidants…What’s your score?


Don’t Quit Your Day Job

So this new plant-based (trying to kill cancer naturally) lifestyle has been quite interesting and the exciting thing is that I am constantly learning. It’s as if I simply can’t get enough information about nutrition, plant-based diets, vegan recipes, juicing etc.  These past few weeks I have been consumed with my new “job”... but all… Continue reading Don’t Quit Your Day Job