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I am on a plane heading back to Stanford for my 3 month PET scan. It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed…time flies when you’re having fun and that couldn’t be more true, because this last month has been a lot of fun.

Trinity had her holiday dance showcase and performed at a Christmas tree lighting which was so cool to watch. She does hip hop and I am amazed at the moves these girls can do. Even her teacher Mrs. Wilson came See it which was really special!

We also made a surprise trip to Idaho for our dear friend Kathy Andary’s 50th surprise birthday party. No one except Shari was expecting us, and it was so fun to see the look on our friends’ faces when we showed up.

The holiday season is usually a time of stress and busyness, and because I was so tired from chemo last year I felt like I missed out on a lot of the fun things we normally do. I was so happy to be able to have the energy to do these things and even little things, like bake cookies for the kids and help Addison with crazy hair day!

But much of the last few weeks have been spent adjusting to my new normal of trying to take care of myself and taking care of my family. Fitting in time for the long list of things I am trying to do for me on top of my normal list of to dos has been a “learning process”. I have always been a great multitasker, and am actually trying to be less so.

My friend Pamela put me in touch with a good friend of hers who coaches people with illnesses. She asked me why I think I got sick and my answer was something like, “Well I don’t think it was my diet because I ate pretty well, and it wasn’t lack of exercise, so it may have been lack of rest because I am terrible at that.” My “go, go, go” personality hasn’t necessarily served me well and I am learning how to rest for what seems like the first time in my life.

But the good news is that I have felt well and my energy is coming back. Oh, and my hair is growing back too. It finally looks like an intentional style. Brandon says it’s very “Annie Lennox”!

For once I am going into this PET scan fully expecting some good news. I am happy to feel like I have a say in this cancer story, rather than being at the mercy of the medications.

Thank you so much to my cousin Janet for sending some very cool non-toxic cleaners, Michele for making dinners for my family, Shari for making soup and juicing for me in Idaho, Tina and James who always graciously give us a place to stay in Palo Alto, and to my incredible in-laws Mama B and Papa B who have come to Tucson this week and have already done a long list of things for us!!

And of course, thank you to everyone praying for me and my family. I am hopeful that tomorrow may finally be a turning point in this journey.

Onward and Upward!!

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  1. You can only continue upward! And what talented girls you have ! Much luv to you and family
    Merry Christmas !

  2. I have a big smile on my face reading your last post! I am SO happy you are having fun, and have the energy to enjoy your loved ones, especially over the holidays. And… LOVE the crazy hair idea! I hope Addison won for best look for crazy hair day! You look so beautiful and stylish! We continue to lift you and your family up in prayer!! Love, Deb and the boys

  3. Thank you kind soul for sending a post. I thought your test was on Monday and I have bee checking everyday for some good news. My husband had surgery on his arm On Monday for squamous skin cancer. He had quite a few stitches and he goes back the 21st to have them removed. They did another biopsy to make sure they removed all of the cancer cells. Thank God for Mohs surgery. I am praying for you today and I am hoping you are doing well. Loved the pictures and the costumes what beautiful daughters you have. God bless you and give you peace without understanding. Love, Diane

  4. Oh Kay, my prayers are with you today as you have your PET scan. I have such faith in our God that this test is going to be such a shock in the right direction. He is our miracle worker. It’s not just coincidence that all the meetings leading up to this test happened as it did. Looking forward to hearing the miracles of healing on this test. Continued prayers being declared over you! In HIS Love Kay

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