Road tripping

I love road trips with my family. It’s always a time when we can just get away from the busyness of our every day life and just be with one another.

Today we are driving up to Idaho to spent Christmas in the snow…something we miss after having been away for two years already.

When I got in the car, I realized how long it’s been since we have had a real road trip … it was October 2016, just weeks before I was diagnosed. We took a camping trip to Moab and hiked in Canyonlands… the National Parks are something we absolutely love to do, being out in “Americana” is our thing. Today we stopped at Jacob Lake Inn for breakfast, it’s by the North rim of the Grand Canyon… they have great cookies (which I miss) and this amazing fireplace that feels so good when it is -7 degrees outside. It feels so healing to take big deep breaths out in the middle of nature with my family. I like the idea of running a little place like the Jacob Lake Inn someday, a simple life, low stress, out in nature.

The part of my life that is hard right now is just sticking to this new way of eating, without going bonkers. I miss fries… I am a French fry lover and I have to say that being prepared on this road trip has been really important. I packed salad, nuts, and fruit so that even if a sneak a fry from someone else’s plate, I have my healing food on hand and ready.

These next couple of weeks will be filled with friends, fun, and relaxation. I will be starting a juice detox in January that will hopefully be the thing that gets my immune system functioning a little better. I will likely not start the drug regimen recommended by Dr. Miklos for a couple of reasons, 1) side effects are fatigue, rash and low counts, and 2) there really isn’t much data that supports any response from doing it. So far what I am doing on my own seems to be keeping it stable.

I will return back to Stanford in March for another scan, but in the mean time I will get my root canal pulled in January. I have read a lot of things about mercury fillings and root canals that are extremely toxic to the body. According to my biological dentist, If the body is constantly fighting bacteria from the root canal, it’s like constantly having a low grade infection and it can’t focus on fighting cancer.

The detox in January will help me set things in motion to get my immune system firing on all cylinders. Juice and teas only for 21 days. And these are like beet, celery, and carrot juices that taste very earthy and healthy. I guess that makes what I am doing now sound indulgent. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out, but in the mean time I am just looking forward to focusing on my family and friends and forgetting that I have cancer for a little while.

Here is my Christmas card that I didn’t get out this year wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! I am so blessed that I trust in a God who gives hope in the midst of trials and for Jesus who is the reason for this season.

Onward and Upward πŸ‘†πŸ»

“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Might God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

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  1. Merry Christmas, Kay! Have a safe trip and give all the Neiswanger’s a hug from me! πŸ’•πŸŽ„πŸ’•

  2. Merry Christmas Kay! Safe travels ! I hope for you and your family a joyous holiday! Sounds like you have a plan and are sticking to it. 😁😁πŸ₯—πŸ₯—πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

  3. What a beautiful family and inspiring message. God bless you all as you celebrate Jesus’s miraculous birth.

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  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the brilliant snow and warm family time. We wish you a happy and healthy new year.
    Tena, Dave and Beck

  5. Merry Christmas Kay! You look so beautiful and I wish you renewed health in the new year! Love to your precious family !

  6. Hi Kay, I am a friend of Darien’s and you have been in my thoughts and prayer for a year now. I’m so glad your health is stable now. A friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and she is looking at a CART treatment as well. She mentioned something about a certain type of CART (bluebird cart, a company in Tennessee?). She wondered if you knew more specifics about your treatment such as the drug company who created the treatment? Also, she asked me what chemotherapy you had tried last year. Thanks so much if you can reply. nancysue41@gmail.com

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get back to you. I would be happy to tell you what I can to help your friend.

      I was in a clinical trial that was run by Kite Pharma, which has now been approved by the FDA for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am not familiar with the bluebird CAR-T in Tennessee.

      My chemo treatments consisted of:
      Dose Adjusted EPOCH-R
      and IVAC-R.

      If your friend would like to reach out to me she certainly can.

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