Mom on a Mission

Well I certainly didn’t have any heartache saying goodbye to 2017, though I will say it was by far my greatest year for personal growth.  I learned to let go (a lot) and be at peace with whatever lies ahead.  Our family witnessed firsthand the power of love by so many that supported us in so many ways.  I am excited to start a new year with a new strategy… and looking at my health like a journey rather than a destination.

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t start a new year with resolutions that focused on my physical health…workout more eat better, drink more water, etc. etc. etc.  But this year my motivation is way different. I always wanted to exercise harder, lose weight, body fat, or inches in an effort to satisfy a less than noble reason. This year my resolution is, of course, to get well, but my motivation is not about me this year, it’s all about my family.

We had an amazing holiday filled with friends and good times in the snow in Idaho.  I cannot even explain how wonderful it was to not be “on treatment” and be able to do things feeling great.  I knew that I would be starting a juice fast in January, so I relaxed a little from my “new diet” because sometimes you just have to.

This is me smelling the truffle fries at the Four Seasons!

MMMMMMmmmmm…. They smell almost as good as they taste!

I was thankful for the energy God gave me to do some great hiking in Canyonlands and Arches National Park.  One day we ventured on the Upheaval Dome hike which was a 8.3 mile hike with 2000 feet in elevation change.  I really thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I kept thinking about killing my cancer and the energy generated from that thought helped me put one foot in front of the other.  The mind is a powerful thing.

I will say that my best Christmas present, was having my hair back in a style that looked intentional and not like a cancer patient.  I was so happy to see Kate Hudson’s cute pixie hairstyle…  Short hair is in!

To kick off this new year, started 31-day detox which is essentially a juice fast. No food for 21 days, just veg/fruit juice to sip on throughout the day, 2 cups max and onion broth along with some supplements and teas.  I have already restricted myself so much over the course of the last few months my concerns about doing this was 1) energy level and 2) losing too much weight.   The latter has never been a concern for me as anyone who knows me knows I love to eat.  I am starving my tumor and time is of the essence.  Both doctors (at Mayo and Stanford) are fine with me pursuing this as long as I am smart about it and stop if I don’t feel well.

I sit here with my broth and juice thankful for the rations I have and prayerfully ask God to help me outlast the tumors.  I hope that if you are giving something up at the beginning of this new year, that you will join me in being thankful for what we can have versus focusing on the things we have to give up. And I will definitely say that if you are wanting to make a change in diet, it’s way easier to give up one thing at a time, versus a lot of things at once… Making long-term changes in diet is a marathon, not a sprint. So be kind to yourself and applaud yourself for the baby steps.

As part of my healing mission, I also had a root canal extracted last week.  I never knew that root canals are extremely toxic, but my friend told me about it and I have since read it in a couple of different cancer books.  Mine was particularly bad because when the biological dentist removed it, she said that it was actually infected with an abscess and there was an amalgam filling underneath the crown!  Double whammy!   I had known (from my conventional dentist) that something was going on because my x-rays showed that there was resorption in the root, but he said to me, “Well, I would just wait till it bothers you to do something about it…”  Well, I did, it was likely causing toxicity in my body and distracting my immune system from what it was supposed to be doing … FIGHTING CANCER CELLS.

Today, I experienced my first colonic.  I have to say it wasn’t nearly as awkward, gross, and disgusting as I thought it would be.  I have actually been quite obsessed with poo since I started the coffee enemas.  A lot of books talk about diseases starting in the gut, so if you’re not regular folks, you may look into it.  It’s like a bath for your intestines… and you’ll feel lighter and happier afterward. Having regular fiber in your diet is super important!!

I so appreciate your concerns for me and my family.  We are doing awesome.  It’s so nice for us all to be in one place and experiencing everyday ups and downs as a team.  Everyone in the family is even fasting from something this month, so we are all in this together.  It’s so much easier to suffer with company 😉 and really it’s a reminder to pray and be thankful when it  feels really hard.  Giving up food is hard, but giving up my family is way harder.

I hope you are motivated by something meaningful this new year.  I welcome 2018 with open arms and am embracing my mission to be well.   Kaitlyn says this is the year of Restoration and Revelation and I believe it!

May you all be blessed, Happy New Year!

Onward and Upward!!



7 thoughts on “Mom on a Mission”

  1. An awesome and inspiring post! So glad you are doing so many wonderful things for you and your body — the root canal was new to me, I’m going to ask our dentist (who is a holistic dentist) about this more! Love you and your wonderful family!

  2. Happy New Year! I so enjoy keeping up with you and your blog. I hope you know what an inspiration you are. An 8 mile hike! One foot in front of the other is what we all have every day. Your faith and love of your family and their love for you is a beautiful thing to see. I love your haircut, too!

  3. Thanks for catching us up to your life….I think about you probably everyday. You are such a beautiful person…body and soul. Keep up all your great work. We are supporting you in every way we can. Love you Kay…May God bless you and your family in this journey of your life. Thank God for families. This would be impossible to do totally alone. Big hugs
    Love you
    Jan Hall

  4. Kay, so nicely written. It’s inspiring to hear how positive you are about all the life changes and hardships you have endured over the last year. And helps me to re-evaluate my own life’s ups and downs. Stay strong! Love you!!

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