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Eat to Beat Disease

As you may know by now, eating to beat cancer is and has been my full-time job for quite some time now. I have done well at managing cancer, keeping it from progressing, and leading a seemingly “new normal” life.

Last weekend, I really felt like my old self, getting away with our daughter Kaitlyn, to attend the L.A. Premier of a movie called Code 8. We had purchased tickets 3 years ago as part of a campaign to raise funds for two of our favorite actors (Stephen and Robbie Amell) to make this film. At the time when we got this “hair-brained” idea to buy these tickets, we thought it would be about a year before we’d attend the film. I believe it was totally God’s doing that it took this long because had it happened earlier, the cancer thing would have definitely hindered me from going.

We had so much fun walking the red carpet with celebrities, talking to the directors and producers of the film and of course getting our pictures taken that were Instagram worthy!

Allow me to back up a little and share another story. I had pre-ordered this highly anticipated book a couple of months ago. I have been reading it voraciously in the last couple of weeks and let me say…, it is chalk full of great information!

I dove right into it as I wanted to know what foods I should be eating to beat this terrible disease. After months of severe diet restriction, it was like a breath of fresh air to read that some of the things I enjoy eating were actually good for me. Things like coffee, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, and even beer and red wine were on the list of preferred foods… in moderation of course.

I can’t tell you how much anxiety I have experienced over the last year and a half when it comes to “allowing” myself to consume certain things that I perceived to be “feeding my cancer”. But Dr. Li has done extensive research showing that certain foods like these can be anti-angiogenic meaning that they inhibit cancer cells from creating new blood vessels. Thank you Dr. Li for your incredible work and releasing me from holding myself on such a tight leash.

I highly recommend getting this book so you know what foods to eat to prevent or beat disease. AND… I also suggest you listen to his interview which is only available for free until 11am tomorrow (PST); otherwise you can buy the Food Revolution Summit package which gives you access to all the interviews. In addition to Dr. William Li’s interview today, are two other fantastic interviews with Chris Wark and Anthony William also known as the Medical Medium (the celery juice guy).

Listen here: Food Revolution Summit

The Food Revolution is hosting this summit all week with experts in the field of Health and Nutrition. They are dedicated to getting the word out about how the body can heal naturally and I encourage you to check it out!

I would normally take a little more time to write a post, but wanted to get this out to share with all of you. I felt like it was a sign for me to write this between running around between a doctor appointment and a volleyball game today because who would I meet this past Friday in LA but of course, Dr. William Li… right in the hotel lobby! We had a great conversation and he was intrigued by my story.

I have to say I love it when God does things like

this that remind me of just how close He is watching over us.

And if you weren’t by impressed by that, my mom sent me this picture from San Francisco on Sunday. Who is that with her? That just happens to be Dr. William Li’s Aunt! Come to find out that she was classmates with my parents and on a class reunion trip with them this past weekend.

Crazy! That, my friends, leaves me speechless.

Onward and Upward!


6 thoughts on “Eat to Beat Disease”

  1. Oh Kay, I was so excited to read your blog today as I spent yesterday’s afternoon at a hemotologist office with concerns of to much protein in my blood, and antibodies all off. So I’m heading out to grab that book and start reading! Bless you Kay ps as always praying!

  2. Kay, Thank you for being such an amazing and constant source of inspiration! And wow…I’m completely speechless!!! Unbelievable…I love those Godincidences!

    I hope to see you soon…I’m sure I will with Beauty & the Beast only weeks away! 💛 Pamela


  3. Wow! It’s so cool that you can see God’s fingerprints on your life! I’ve been listening to some of the Food Revolution Summit as well. Highly recommend it. ❤️

  4. Wow!! Yes God’s plans are amazing! PTL for your report! Rom 8:28 Love and continued prayers. Jenny Suiter

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